A contemporary tragicomic clown performance about the miserable absurdities of the world


After The Hague and South Africa, CHARLIE now travels to Amsterdam for the second time, with a whole new show, specially made for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival!


CHARLIE tells the story of a clown. A clown who was famous once. All over the world theaters he played were filled with laughter and loud applause. But that time has passed. The people do not want to laugh anymore and Charlie doesn’t want to make them laugh anymore. Hasn’t the world become too cruel a place, where laughter does not belong?


Tonight he makes an exception, for the last time he will perform his amazing show!

With the help of his ever hopeful, young and energetic intern he tries to find laughter again.


CHARLIE is a performance that uses clowning and slapstick to react on the absurdities of the world around us. On the terrible news that reaches us through social media and the newspapers. What do we do with the knowledge of all that is wrong in the world?


Director: Isil Vos | Actors: Roland Haufe and Rianne Meboer | Production: Joya de Bock | Grafic design and photo’s: Noel S Keulen | Many thanks to: Twist Projects, Emma Durden, Roel Twijnstra, Theater Rabarber, De Veenfabriek, Theater Branoul



The performance had been created by three professional Dutch Theatermakers: Isil Vos, Roland Haufe and Rianne Meboer.


They share their passion and fascination for the unlimited possibilities of the clown. They have been trained by Nader Farman in the classical method of clowning. After their training they developed their own theater language using the characteristics of the clown but also trying to tell a contemporary story with the medium.


CHARLIE is a performance that is always changing. Because it tries to reflect on what is going on in the world NOW, new developments mean changing the performance. Also because the clown always reacts to his audience in the NOW, you will never ever see the same performance twice!

We have been creating and re-creating CHARLIE since the summer of 2015 and we will still be working on it in 2025.